Top 6 Kpop MVs: It’s a MOOD!

Whew! This week’s new releases are giving me a serious case of whiplash! Covering the spectrum from light-hearted and fun to dark and angsty, it’s a wild ride, but I’m loving each and every minute. Ready to embark on this roller coaster with me?! Let’s dive in!!

Seventeen – ‘Maestro’

Seventeen is back with a much anticipated compilation album (17 Is Right Here) and the title track carries forward their previous albums’ theme, focusing on all aspects of music. ’Maestro’ is a grand journey that plays with a variety of beats and tempos — I’m loving the bridge and dance break sections most!!

D.O. (EXO) – ‘Popcorn’

With his stoic personality and beautiful vocals, I can’t help but adore D.O. — even more so after this new pre-album single!! No, this isn’t an ode to his favorite snack, but a sweet song describing how his heart flutters and beats for the one he loves! Could he possibly be any cuter?! I think not!!!

Solar (Mamamoo) – ‘But I’

It’s been two years since Solar’s last solo album and she’s coming back with a vengeance, literally! I don’t know who made her so mad, but she is perfectly encapsulating all the raw emotions of a long-overdue breakup — she is absolutely rocking the vibe of this song!! 

The KingDom – ‘Flip that Coin’

Formerly known as Kingdom, this group has recently rebranded their name and taken a departure from the historical walk of their past album series. ‘Flip that Coin’ is sporting a modern MV concept, and the song itself has a very addictive chorus that keeps me hitting the replay button! 

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Little Things’

It’s impossible not to jam along with ‘Little Things’ — it’s got a great beat, a great balance of vocals, and great grunge band concept for the MV. I can’t help it — sometimes I just love me some angsty rebellious feels and this song delivers!! Can’t wait to check out the rest of their new comeback album!!

Zico – ‘Spot!’ (feat. Jennie)

Zico has been busy producing for rookie group BOYNEXTDOOR, but apparently not too busy to drop a groovy new single on us! His rap flows are giving me some ’90’s nostalgia, and with BlackPink’s Jennie coming in for the chorus, it’s a perfect mix — I’m vibin’!!

May is packed with a bunch of highly anticipated comebacks — can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in these coming weeks!! Which comeback are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments!



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