K-Pop Playlist: Are You Ready To Rock?

When the days start getting super busy, I notice that my taste in music styles shifts accordingly. For me, that means listening to a lot more rock-themed music — it gives me a place to release all the building tension and stress! So, with slower rock-ballads to hyper pop-rock tracks featured on this week’s playlist, I have just one question . . . are you ready to ROCK?!

Yook SungJae – ‘Be Somebody’

Whether it’s acting or singing, BTOB’s SungJae is a powerhouse talent. This new solo release is a fantastic example of his amazing vocals! The awesome pop-rock sound blends his flow, from low-and-powerful to soaring high notes just perfectly. And the message in those lyrics?!? LOVE IT!!!

Lim HyunSik – ‘La Mar’

I also have to share this beautiful melancholic rock-ballad from singer-songwriter, and fellow BTOB member, HyunSik. The emotional delivery of the song and sweeping land- and ocean-scape for the MV are both equally stunning — the underwater scenes are especially next level!! 

Seventeen – ‘Lalali’

It wasn’t until they dropped the MV for this rap unit song from Seventeen’s new album, that I really started jamming along with ‘Lalali’! I’m totally embracing the rebellious and cheeky vibes, because these four are just oozing charisma and fun! 

Mark – ‘200’

NCT’s Mark surprised me with a new single and I am loving this punk-rock version of him! He also seems to be having a lot of fun playing up the Spiderman theme of the MV. I hope that he continues to pursue this musical direction with future solo releases!!

Enhypen – ‘Fatal Trouble’

Enhypen recently released a special album, with a variety of sound stylings, selecting this emo rock-ballad as their featured title track! While I normally love their signature sharp and edgy sound, I am also enjoying this haunting, yet refreshing, change of pace just as much!!

Any songs having you hit that replay button?? Share your faves with me in the comments below!! 

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