Kpop Album Review: D.O’s Blossom

Can we all just agree that D.O (real name: Do Kyung Soo) is the cinnamon roll of kpop? His boyish charm and gentle voice are as captivating as they are soothing – you wouldn’t even know that one of his first drama roles was as a serial killer. (True story – Hello Monster.) His first album since leaving SM Entertainment, Blossom, is a no-skip album for me! Come see why I’ve had it on repeat since its release. 


This sweet morsel of indie pop is all about the anxiety that comes with having a crush and wanting to approach them, but being afraid to. Who hasn’t been there? That fear leaves us “stuck on Mars”, and I love this adorable song. Check out IU swaying and singing along in the background – she loves it too. The addition of the cello and the acoustic guitar adds such great depth. Don’t tell, but I might like this one more than the lead single, “Popcorn.” But only a tiny bit. 

Want to see the official MV? Ok, we can do that too, because it’s also adorable. 

“Simple Joys”

Reading the lyrics for “Simple Joys” made me love this song EVEN MORE. It’s all about stopping to take a breath and appreciating the small things in life. More than that, it’s about being in a place where you’re able to appreciate them, not running from one thing to the next to the next to the next. I think D.O might know a little bit about that. 


Y’all. HIS HEART IS FLUTTERING LIKE IT’S POPCORN. I told you he was a cinnamon roll! The song just encapsulates everything about new love so sweetly, though I will admit that he might just be in love with popcorn itself. The MV really could go either way. 

“Good Night” 

This is a lullaby to the anxious soul, encouraging them to trust in themselves and let their future selves – “tomorrow’s me” – worry about the things that are keeping them up. I love it.

“My Dear”

Staying true to the one by his side forever? Of course he wrote about that! Did we expect anything less? I love the line about searching for someone who’s eyes are looking in the same direction as his.

“About Time”

And now we’ve gone full circle in this relationship – this is a post-breakup song full of regret and longing and wishing he had done better. It’s truly bittersweet. 

What do you think, music fans? Is Blossom one of the most adorable albums out there or what? I’m so glad I get to enjoy D.O’s solo efforts. They definitely speak to my heart. 

Until the next record spins, I remain –

Karie the Maknae

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