Kpop Artist Highlight: LUCY

The band LUCY has been around for a while – they formed in 2020 and participated in JTCB’s Superband. They have an indie pop sound backed up by orchestral instruments, which makes for a fun listen with depth, much like another indie pop band I love, Hoppipolla. LUCY has steadily made their way into success as OST regulars. Come see which songs you recognize and which ones I love! 

“Run To You” – Run On OST

This song is gently inspiring, much like the drama itself. Watching Im Siwan fall in love with Shin Se Kyung definitely adds to the appeal!

“Ant, Go Run” – Stock Struck OST

This wasn’t a drama I got a chance to watch, but this song stuck around on my playlist for WEEKS.

“Never in vain”

From the Insert Coin album, “Never in vain” always plucks at my heartstrings – the lyrics are beautifully angsty. 

“Don’t forget our night” 

This sweet ballad has the instrumental layers LUCY is known for, and the lyrics are just perfect. 

“The knight who can’t die and the silk cradle” 

This is one of LUCY’s most recent releases and I have to admit that it was the title that pulled me in at first. But, in classic LUCY style, the chorus was impactful and their harmonies were intriguing, and I ended up loving it.

What do you think, music fans? Will you give LUCY a try? Let me know in the comments below!

Until the next record plays, I remain –

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