K-Pop Playlist: Boy Group Treasure Trove

I knew this was going to happen — I go on vacation and ALL the groups decide to drop amazing new tracks!! After returning home, it took a few days to fully catch up and compile a list of my favorites! But now I’m ready and excited to gush over this fantastic musical bounty with you my fellow K-pop enthusiasts!! We’ve got chart topping bangers, groovy beats, emo vibes, and a dash of throwback — ready to hit play?!

ATEEZ – ‘Work’ 

My pirates have done it again! From the opening bars of clarinet (yes, I said clarinet — just trust me, it works!) to the latin-infused hip-hop beats, this new title track is an irresistible bop!! The MV is dishing up loads of humor with a side of hard-earned bragging rights. Listening to this song isn’t work . . .  it’s just pure FUN!!  

TREASURE – ‘King Kong’

Treasure is bringing all the 2nd-GEN feels with both the sound and styling for this hot new single. The strong, EDM pulse of the music and punchy choreo culminate in a classic, amped-up YG dance break at the end of the song! ‘King Kong’ definitely crashed its way onto my playlist!!

WayV – ‘Give Me That’

I was so excited to see WayV dropping new music this past week! I’m soaking up the sweet combination of silky vocals and staccato rap runs in ‘Give Me That’ — this song is just SO SMOOTH!! (Plus the choreo looks like a lot of fun too!) I’ll admit, I caved quickly to their demands . . . I’m giving this groovy title track ALL my love!! 

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Boy Comics’

Xdinary Heroes’ new single starts off at full-speed and doesn’t let up! And I love that their music mirrors the message in their lyrics with 100% accuracy — reach out for your dream and don’t give up, no matter what!! You can’t help but get hyped up listening to their youthful, punk-rock enthusiasm!

SEVENTEEN – ‘Cheers to Youth’

Don’t let the upbeat sound of the song fool you, you might just want to grab a box of tissues for this vocal-unit track from Seventeen’s anniversary album. I’m not saying the video diary style of the of the MV, paired with the beautiful harmonies woven throughout, will make you tear up a little bit . . . but my momma-hug instinct was for sure activated!! 

SUPER JUNIOR – ‘Show Time’

It’s been a hot minute since they released new music, but I absolutely adore the fact that Super Junior is STILL together! It’s obvious this team is just as delighted to claim the spotlight once again as we are to see them performing! The happy, up-beat vibes of “Show Time” are perfect — get up and dance with me!! 

ONEUS – ‘Now (Original by Fin.K.L.)’

I’m loving the vivid throwback vibes as Oneus takes on this hit song from K-pop icons Fin.K.L.! Their re-boot pays homage to the 2000 original, while also showcasing their own vocal talents and group styling — this is definitely a cover I never knew I needed! 

Which song this week has you hitting that re-play button?! Drop down to the comments and let me know!!

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