K-Pop Playlist: Lovely Runner OST

I recently finished a binge watch of the K-Drama Lovely Runner and haven’t been able to move on from the sweet story! Not only did I fall in love with the characters, but I adored SO many songs from the show’s OST. Whether it was a track from a popular K-Pop artist, or one sung by the show’s multi-talented lead (Byeon WooSeok), each song brings me right back to all the most memorable moments from the drama! Join me for this week’s special playlist of Lovely Runner OST favorites!! 

SPOILER ALERT!! Please note that I will be talking about themes, as well as sharing MVs that show various scenes, from Lovely Runner. So if you’ve not seen the drama yet, GO WATCH IT!!! (Then come back and enjoy listening to these songs with me!) For all my fellow Eclipse fans, aka Capellas, let’s dive in!!

As a die-hard K-Pop fangirl, I felt such an immediate connection to this story and enjoyed watching every minute of the drama unfold. I was surprised, yet delighted, to see how much real-life love and attention the fictional band Eclipse received while the drama was airing! Not only were the tracks recorded by Eclipse featured on numerous music streaming sites, but they also charted on both the Melon music chart in Korea, as well as the Billboard Global 200. 

Eclipse band members — guitarist Inhyeok (Lee Seung Hyub), drummer Hyunsoo (Moon Xion), and bassist Jay (Hyuk) — are all K-Pop idols/musicans in real-life, from the groups N. Flying, Le Ciel, and Omega X respectively. However, the band’s main singer, Seonjae, was portrayed by actor/model Byeon WooSeok, who had never undergone any musical training prior to being cast as the main lead. But he diligently prepared and successfully recorded the vocals for all five Eclipse songs! After listening to his heartfelt rendition of ‘Sudden Shower’, I’m convinced that he could easily add the title of “idol” to his bio as well!  

‘Sudden Shower’

While not full length tracks, I also enjoyed the upbeat, inspirational vibes of ‘Run Run’, the guitar-led star-crossed lovers feeling of ‘No Fate’, and the sweet, rock-ballad stylings of ‘You & I’. 

‘Run, Run’

‘No Fate’

‘You & I’

And the final Eclipse song released for the OST perfectly encompassed the journey and culmination of the Lovely Runner story!! 

‘I’ll Be There’

While the main focus of the drama was on the songs from Eclipse, there were many other musical contributions to this OST that I must gush about as well! N. Flying’s song is a fantastic combination of rock-guitar and gorgeous vocal harmonies — I love the bright and positive energy this song brings to the soundtrack! 


Like the title of this song, Minnie’s vocals match the dream-like feeling that paralleled ImSol’s journey to the past to safeguard SeonJae’s future! 

‘Like A Dream’

10CM’s unique voice was perfectly paired to the lilting melody of this next song — a sublime love song for our fated OTP!!  I can’t help but sing along every single time . . . 

‘Spring Snow’

JongHo’s exquisite vocals speak directly to my soul. I knew every time this track began playing in the background that heartbreak was on the horizon — it was always my cue to reach for the nearest box of tissues!

‘A Day’

Doko is a new-to-me artist, but I immediately fell in love with his distinct vocal color! This song emotes a mix of vulnerability and yearning that stays with you long after the music ends . . .

‘Please Don’t Leave Anywhere’

Which Lovely Runner song resonates most with you and is that one track you could just listen to over and over again?! The show might be over, but let’s keep all the drama feels alive through song — share with me in the comments below!! 

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