K-Pop Playlist: Sing-Along Time!

It’s true that music transcends language . . .  but sometimes you just want a playlist where you can sing along with your Asian pop faves!! Music fans, I’ve got you covered!! This week’s new tracks will not only have you up and dancing, but belting out the lyrics as well! You ready to rock?? Join me after the jump!!

SORN – ‘crazy stupid lovers (ft. Hong Seok)’

Ahhhh, young love! It’s often fraught with emotional ups-and-downs, and this song and MV captures the sentiment perfectly! Sorn (formerly from the girl-group CLC) and Hong Seok (of Pentagon) come together with sweet vocal harmonies that settle seamlessly into the the bright and bouncy melody! 

JUST B – ‘Daddy’s Girl’

JUST B is delivering up some serious One Direction vibes with this bop of a throwback track! I’m here for the guitar-driven pop-rock feels and angsty, teenage vocal runs!! Still not convinced?! Just look at that thumbnail — how can you say no to those cute faces?!?!

A.C.E – ‘Supernatural’

A.C.E loves their international fans and often includes an English track in their music releases! With their team’s maknae recently returned from military service, all five members have reunited to deliver their trademark power combo — flawless vocals and smooth choreo!! I especially love the dynamic bass beat throughout and the whistle highlight in the chorus!!

Lee Young Ji – ‘Small Girl (feat. D.O.)’

I try not to play favorites, but this R&B style song immediately shot to the top of my faves list!! I absolutely love Young Ji’s earthy, low-tone vocals!! Add to that the very relatable lyrics (where are my fellow tall girlies at??) and the super cute MV featuring the talented D.O., and all I can say is, it’s perfect — just perfect!! 

SANTA – ‘Let em Out’

Japanese artist, Santa, dropped this very groovy retro track and I’m totally digging the ’70’s vibe and styling! While most foreign singers usually revert to their native language for rap runs, I was super impressed that Santa stuck to English from start to finish! And, of course, I was impressed with the creative choreo in this MV too!! 

WooSeok & Taka Perry – ‘YOU’

WooSeok brings his versatile vocals to this funky EDM beat from Australian-Japanese writer/producer Taka Perry. This collab might not capture you right away, but this song’s charm is that it just meets you where you’re at (and kind of slips into your playlist all on it’s own!). So, just sit back, relax, and chill . . .  with ‘YOU’. 

Which new track did you have the most fun jamming along to today?? Drop down to the comments and let me know!! 

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