Kpop Highlight: Rolling Quartz

MiataMama is taking a well-deserved break, so you music fans get to be subjected to The Maknae’s musical rabbit holes for the next little while. You’re welcome! Today’s journey is with Rolling Quartz, the all-girl K-rock band who debuted at the tail end of 2020. Come check them out with me!


I know I’ve talked about “Blaze” before, right about the time Rolling Quartz debuted. I was immediately captivated by the intense rock vibe and Jayoung’s dusky vocals, which do NOT quit! 

“Good Night” 

You can see the Dreamcatcher influences in this MV, especially in the gothic/romantic styling of the set and the outfits. Rolling Quartz cites Dreamcatcher as one of their idols and major influences – I am HERE for it! 


I love the message of support in the description of this video – Rolling Quartz carries a sincerity with them and their desire to support their fans while helping promote rock as a popular genre in Korea. And check out those harmonies!!


You HAVE to watch this for Hyunjung’s guitar solo – she’s said herself that it’s insanely difficult, but she worked really hard to get it right (starts at 2:17). Her skill on the guitar keeps me coming back to the whole Fighting EP!

(Cover) “Dynamite”

I love this fresh rock take on the bright BTS English single. Rolling Quartz has hung onto that bright feeling while putting their own spin on things. Debuting in the middle of a pandemic had to have been difficult, but this cover was a good way to cope. I approve. They also covered Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Ed Sheeran’s “The Shape of You” – check them out! 

As a rock lover, I will always support having more rock bands to listen to. I love how far passion and determination is pushing Rolling Quartz – they’re a group I’ll keep on my “to watch” list! How about you, music fans? 

Until I trip and fall into the next rabbit hole, I remain –

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