The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 37 &38

My heart broke last week when Father Han was attacked. I’m going into this week’s episode with a heavy heart. It’s not often that we fall in love with side characters, but Father Han really touched me. Join me as we hope that Father Han pulls through and that Father Kim gets the bad guys without sacrificing his soul.

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The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 15 & 16

So, before we get started on the recap… I’m going to digress a lot because we’ve hit that patch where nothing really new is happening and I’m a little bored. Can we take a minute to talk about this trend of hottie evil minions? Cheol Bum’s trusty right-hand man is a real hottie! He’s all stoic and hot and evil and hot. It’s enough to distract a fangirl every time he’s in a scene! Prosecutor Park’s nemesis, her boss’s minion, is also pretty hot. I’m ok with this trend of hottie flower boy evil minions, at least they are nice to look at. Join me this week as I hope this story starts to progress a little more and stops going in circles.

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