Fangirl Indian Movie Review: Paheli

As a child, I spent hours pouring over any book of folk tales or fairy tales that I could get my hands on. Imagine my delight as I stumbled upon the movie Paheli on Netflix! It is an Indian folk tale that has fantasy, puppets, and a beautiful romance story. I changed my usual format for these reviews a little; it’s a mix of a review and reasons to watch.

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Fangirls Indian Movie Review: Kahaani

Looking for something new for your summer watchlist? I’m a huge fan of mystery and suspense, so when I stumbled upon the Indian movie Kahaani on Netflix, I was intrigued. Kmuse and I were deep into Indian romantic comedies when this gem popped up on my suggestion list. Nothing is what it seems in this movie, and the mystery goes so much deeper than you realize. Beware! Spoilers ahead!

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 15

Thankfully, we are getting closer to the end. We’ve had some plot movement, but I’m still skeptical about how this story will end. I’m doing my darnedest to give this drama all the chances, but honestly, I’m not impressed. Will they be able to save this drama in the last two episodes and make it less boring? I hope so. This fangirl needs more than one episode full of kisses and snuggles to put a show on her happy list.

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 13

We’ve had a story reset, but the end game is still whether or not Dong Kyung will wish Doom upon the world. Will our OTP remember their love for each other? Does the Childlike God stand a chance of happiness too? We start this episode with everyone having a heart to heart, but will it solve anything? I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready to stop rehashing what has happened and start moving forward.

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 11

Fellow fans, we only have 5 episodes for our story arc to get it together. I have to admit that episode 10 was a bit of a struggle plot-wise. Steamy kisses and searing glances can’t hold a drama together for long, so I hope the writers up their game a little bit. We’ve brought in Auntie, our second leads are at a critical point, and our female lead has run away in a quite boring show of noble idiocy, but she’s already been discovered by Doom. These steps are happening awful early, and I hope this doesn’t mean the writers are going to give us a lot of fluff and filler in the last few episodes.

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 7

Is anyone else a little afraid of the Childlike God? I still feel like we have a lot of dots to connect with her and the storyline. We had an amazing kiss and then poof! Doom disappeared. Dong Kyung mentioned that everyone who gets close to her disappears; is that a part of her fate? What kind of craptastic fate does she have that she loses everyone that she loves? There has to be a loophole here somewhere.

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 5

One true wish for Doom will end the world. Withhold the wish, and the person you love the most dies. Dong Kyung has decided that Myeol Mang is the person that she’s going to love the most. The lines between our OTP are already starting to get a little fuzzy thanks to the childlike god who runs Doom’s life. Speaking of Doom’s life… it’s obvious that his life isn’t “normal” for an immortal. He has too many human emotions. Love is the most human of all emotions, and our OTP are obviously falling in love…

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Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 3

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I have a fondness for made families. Too often, real families aren’t the happy unit we wish they were. Family life comes with drama, but there is an unbreakable bond (good or bad) between family members. What would you do if you knew that wishing doom on the world would cause your family to suffer? Our characters start to reveal lots of connections, family and otherwise. Who will end up being the person Dong Kyung loves the most? Ugh, it’s too much for my brain to handle during finals week. Please send soju, snacks, and a khottie!

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Throwback Thursday – A Fangirl Movie Review: The Princess and the Matchmaker

Once upon a time, I was on the plane with my non-Kdrama watching best friend. Little did I know that a few years later she and I would be discussing all the different dramas we are watching. Y’all, we just met up for the first time in FOREVER and I gave her husband a list of dramas they need to watch. All I’m saying is that Lee Seung Gi is irresistible. My first drama with him was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and I’ve checked out everything he’s done since then. Tell me in the comments, what was your first introduction to Lee Seung Gi?

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This fangirl loves to travel and I’m always looking for shows I can download onto my electronic devices and watch while I’m in no man’s land aka on the plane. I discovered The Princess and the Matchmaker last month and meant to watch it with my fellow fangirls during our time in L.A. for the BTS concert, but we got all distracted by other visual offerings. Last weekend I was headed out of town and I remembered that I had this movie to watch. My best friend, who isn’t into kdramas, watched this one on the plane with me and she laughed while I took notes. I tried to keep my review pretty spoiler free, but beware, I may have slipped one in and not noticed.

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