Fangirls Drama Review: The Ghost Bride

Do you want a short drama that keeps you on your toes the whole time? What if I told you that it had a strong female character and a trinity of hot guys vying for her attention? Ok, you are now prepped and ready to watch The Ghost Bride. Come see what we thought of it!

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First Impression- The Game: Towards Zero

We’ve had a bit of a drama drought, it happens around this time every year. My (Clkytta) drama watchlist has been very thin lately, so I was very excited to hear some buzz about Taecyeon’s new drama, The Game: Towards Zero. I’ll be honest, I first passed this one by because the teaser pic reminded me of another drama he did years ago that was a bit lackluster. Then our daily Fangirl chat revolved around the one thing sure to get my attention, that’s right, a shirtless scene! Sit back and enjoy as The Fangirls tell you all about what we think about this new drama.

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