What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Episode 14: A shot of sunshine

Remember when Mi So’s favorite book said that love doesn’t have to be grandiose, just someone to wrap us in a warm hug at the end of a hard day? I feel like that’s exactly what this show does. In a world of traffic and heat waves and weight gain, there is a guaranteed bright spot on Wednesdays and Thursdays full of heartwarming confessions, goofy side characters, and toe curling kisses. This show loves us.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 13: The day the word Bulldozer changed forever

I picture a What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim fan driving to work in the morning and passing a construction site. She spots a bright yellow appliance with the giant bucket on the front and lapses into a dreamy reverie as the friend that carpools with her wonders why she’s smiling at a bulldozer. The passenger may silently consider if the driver has gone insane, but don’t worry. Drama fans understand.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 8: Practice Makes Perfect

Do the writers rooms in Korea come equipped with a giant chart showing which romantic tropes need to appear in which episode – backhugs, accidental skinship, etc.? K-dramas tend to be formulaic and a bit predictable, but if you have a successful recipe, why change it? This makes me look forward to Episode 8 in a series because that’s often when the kiss happens. Did this show follow the pattern? Ooooooooh, yeah!

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