Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 4

I have not had the opportunity to really explore all that Netflix has to offer, but since I have a few days off, I decided to cast my net and see what I could find.  Here are three shows that I think are a great catch and one that you might want to throw back.

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Discovering Day6 101: A Primer

Looking for something to help alleviate my post concert depression after seeing BTS two times this tour, I splurged on Day6 Tickets. The only problem? I am the newbiest of newbies when it comes to Day6. I know “Shoot Me” and I think I can pick out Jae, but I can’t properly fangirl without some help from an expert. So, I turned to @Dramadebussie, also known as half of the podcasting duo Drama Kandy. She graciously agreed to join me for this interview/tutorial. So, please join me as I interrogate, I mean “interview,” Drama Debussie.

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