December Teaser Roundup

The end of the year is coming at us with a BANG, drama fans! Some highly anticipated dramas, like Island and Connect, will finally premiere, but there are plenty of other dramas to choose from if high-octane deserted island thrillers or mysterious forced organ donor connections aren’t your thing. Come see how you’ll be filling your December drama time!

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First Impressions: Cheer Up

Once upon a time, there was a completely adorable little kdrama about high school students overcoming their differences to become a winning cheerleading team. It starred the likes of Jung Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin and Lee Won Keun, and captured the hearts of viewers everywhere.

Cheer Up is NOT a remake of that kdrama – it’s set in the college arena, there are mysteries galore, and the cheerleading is not Western-style cheerleading. These new characters and their shadowy circumstances are compelling, to say the least. Come see if this is the mystery/romance kdrama you’ve been looking for!

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Drama Teasers of the Week

Halfway through October, the Hallyu Wave decides to drop all these quality dramas on our heads. Drama fans, when are we gonna have time to sleep?? Come see which dramas will be keeping you from your beauty rest, including a queen fighting to keep her son’s position, a retiring detective who’s going head to head with a murderer AND another detective, a funeral director who keeps fulfilling dying wishes, and a man who might just be able to talk to his wife’s ghost if he can get the technology to work right.

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