Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land eps 5-8

Sigh. I love it when a drama becomes my happy place. In just four short hours, Where Stars Land has managed it. Between Yeo Reum’s big heart, Soo Yeom’s smirky eyebrow, and the hijinks that come with a large airport, this show is living up to its melodrama label.

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The Fangirls’ Movie Review — Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

Karie the Maknae: Over this last year, I’ve come to trust Kmuse’s recommendations more and more. My own forays into Chinese dramas were disastrous, but after Kmuse inadvertently got me to watch Legend of Fuyao, I’ve discovered that branching out from kdramas ain’t so bad. So when she said, “Do you want to watch Young Detective Dee?”, my immediate response was to pop popcorn and press play. As per usual, I was NOT disappointed.

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First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Devilish Joy

I think I’ve finally found a companion to Still 17! MiataMama and I decided to give Devilish Joy a whirl after hearing it described as being somewhat like 50 First Dates. Thankfully, I don’t spy anyone like Rob Schneider in this one (not a knock on the man himself — his character was just awful in that movie). Nor is the lead character stuck in the same day — he and the people around him are fully aware of his Cinderella amnesia, as they call it. The amnesia is the ONLY thing that ties the two together.  Continue reading

A Kdrama Fan in Korea: Chuseok

A.C.E. Chuseok Greetings




Doesn’t it seem like all the kpop groups come out with Chuseok greetings about this time of year? Yes, yes it does, because Chuseok arrives in early fall EVERY year. I decided to pick MiataMama’s brain about Chuseok because I wanted to know more than what Wikipedia was telling me. Read on for an outsider’s inside glimpse into Chuseok!

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