Bloody Romance Ep 1-4: A Chatty Recap

Kdrama Jen and I (Kmuse) loved doing the Chatty Recaps so much that we decided to try it again, this time with the new Chinese drama Bloody Romance–a story of female assassins, political intrigue, and sexy shadows.  Will this one be as entertaining as Legend of Fuyao was?  Come join us and find out as we begin our next Chatty Recap journey. Continue reading


Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 15-16

Since this is nearly the end of the drama, we are expecting a lot of trouble for our characters and in fact, there’s not much cuteness. Human Shin is furious that he has been replaced by a robot, and that most people like the robot better. He sets out to prove that Shin III is nothing but a machine that can be controlled. We just didn’t think that half of our time would be spent on the rooftop. SPOILERS are coming up.

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