Contract Drama Face-Off: Business Proposal vs. Only Just Married vs. The Full-Time Wife Escapist

Three new dramas about contract relationships have popped up lately, all with outgoing female leads and reserved, formal male leads. They are all funny, and yet they are all different. Come see if I found a favorite!

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First Impression and Spoiler Light Series Review: My Name

Revenge and muuuuuuurder!!! Just trying to get Kmuse and Kdrama Jen’s attention. They are the bloodthirstiest of the Fangirls and this show did not disappoint. My Name is another Korean drama produced by Netflix and they let the blood run free and the female lead reign supreme. Han So Hee rocked this role and was flanked by the new hottie on the scene, Ahn Bo Hyun, and a very seasoned hottie, Park Hee Soon. Join us as we give mostly a first impression, but also our spoiler-free thoughts on the series, because we binged this puppy in 24 hours.

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First Impression and Spoiler Free Series Review: SQUID GAME

Squid Game is EVERYWHERE. Everyone is talking about it, and if you’ve been watching dramas for a while, people you never thought would talk to about kdramas are suddenly wearing green tracksuits and wanting to discuss your favorite actors. According to Netflix, it may end up being its most-watched original show ever. What is making the world jump over that one-inch subtitle line and dive into this particular drama? I have no idea, but let’s talk about why we watched it instead.

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The House Arrest of Us Review

I am here in the Northwest and mostly still stuck in lockdown. So what could inspire me to watch something that has anything to do with lockdown and Covid? A week ago, I would have said nothing but then Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo came out with a show on Netflix that follows a newly engaged couple being stuck with all their relatives during the first wave of quarantine. Needless to say, I hit play.

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on I’m Not a Robot

When Kmuse and I heard Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in a new drama, we were both hopeful, but feeling cautious. Will this be another drama that showed glimmers of Yoo Seung Ho’s potential, only to dash our fangirl dreams with poorly constructed plots and more chemistry with the animal co-stars than the leading ladies? Read on to see Kdrama Jen’s first impressions and, as always, unfiltered thoughts! Continue reading