The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown – Favorite Actresses of 2018

2018 was one of the first years where we all would say that many of the female roles were better than the mens.  Join us as we share our favorite actresses and the roles that made us sit up and take notice.  Did your favorite make our list?

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The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown: Favorite Drama Sismance

Most years we tend to focus more on the bromances than the female relationships.  It is just the way our mind works.  Not to mention that it is only recently that Dramaland has allowed females to have healthy female friendships that didn’t fall apart because of a man.  So we decided that the girls need equal billing and the sismance post has been created.  So come join us as we share those great female friendships that had has squealing throughout the year.

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