First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: JDrama Pretty Proofreader

While we typically focus on Korean dramas, we also love dramas from other Asian countries. Recently more Japanese dramas have been subbed on Viki which has made us very happy. Join Clkytta and Telzeytalks as we discuss our first impression of the Japanese drama, Pretty Proofreader.

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The Fangirls’ Japanese Drama Review: Overprotected Kahoko

Kahogo no Kahoko

One of the new batch of Japanese shows to come up on Viki is Overprotected Kahoko, about a college student who has been watched over and coddled by her family so much that she has remained a child. Join Clkytta and Telzeytalks and as we watch Kahoko grow up. We are discussing the whole drama, not just the first few episodes so there are spoilers ahead!

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Original vs Remake: Signal

The first episode of Signal (the Japanese remake of the Korean drama) is out which means it is time for another Original vs. Remake where I compare and contrast the two versions to see who tells the story better. Let me help you decide whether it is worth watching the newer version or if you should just settle in for a rewatch of the original. Continue reading

Taking on Japanese Taiga: Ryomaden

Ryoma-den, as it is sometimes spelled, or The Story of Ryoma, is about the life of Sakamoto Ryoma. It encompasses his childhood, his kendo training in Edo, seeing American steamships arrive, and getting mixed up in efforts to protect Japan from the foreigners. He was a real person and one of Japan’s most famous national heroes (who I had never heard of before). Can a westerner who doesn’t know much about Japanese history enjoy a taiga drama? Let’s find out.

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Jdrama Review – Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light

Japanese Title: Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan

With this title you would naturally think that it is a drama heavily about playing video games, but it is not. It is about a son using the game to reconnect to his uncommunicative father, and although there are scenes that take place inside the game, the main story is about their family in real life. It is in fact, based on a true story that Ichigeki Kakusatsu related on his blog between 2014 and 2016, and later wrote up in a book that he titled Hikari no Otousan.

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