Mane of Glory #20: Arthdal Chronicles Ep 7&8

Move over Tagon, your “son” is going to rule the world, not you, and he’s going to do it in STYLE! Kmuse is on vacation this week, so excuse me if this is not as in depth as the rest of the Mane of Glory posts have been.

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Family Trees With Shin Hye Sun

I watched Shin Hye Sun in a couple of shows this last year that took me off on a tangent with the Korean language. Have you ever noticed the subtitles not matching the names the characters are saying? Come and see what I noticed about how Koreans address each other, and then, if you have more information, please comment! (We have tried hard to find the correct word usage and romanization of the Korean words. Meaning, we scoured the internet and picked the brains of our members who are learning Korean. That said, we know we may have a few mistakes here, so let us know if you see something so we can use the correct term. -Clkytta)

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