What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 10: A Tangled Web

One hug? That’s all we get? Some major discoveries are made by Mi So and the audience in this episode. But you can’t keep doling out adorable kisses and then make us quit cold turkey. It’s just not fair!

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 8: Practice Makes Perfect

Do the writers rooms in Korea come equipped with a giant chart showing which romantic tropes need to appear in which episode – backhugs, accidental skinship, etc.? K-dramas tend to be formulaic and a bit predictable, but if you have a successful recipe, why change it? This makes me look forward to Episode 8 in a series because that’s often when the kiss happens. Did this show follow the pattern? Ooooooooh, yeah!

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Legal Action in Kdramas: A Comparative Look at the Korean Justice System

Have you ever watched a Korean drama and wondered about the courtroom scenes? Why are some judges so young? Why do prosecutors seem more like investigators? Where are the juries? Why does it seem like the judge is interrupting with questions instead of letting the attorneys present their cases? Well, Kdrama Jen is here to answer your questions! Come along as we chat about Korea’s judicial system and how it relates to our favorite dramas!

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