Top 5 Kpop (and Chinese drama) MVs of the Week: Random OST Edition

I was randomly looking through my playlists for this week’s topic and came across Aaron Yan’s That’s Not Me MV.  The song was used in his drama Fall In Love With Me, which I ended up hating, but the song found a spot on my playlist.  So this week we are going to share random OST (official soundtrack) songs that we love.  Needless to say, this list will be random in content since I am adding both Chinese & Korean dramas. Continue reading


Kpop Once Removed: Discovering Amber Liu, James Lee, and FYKE

Being a curious bunny, I often go nosing around side rabbit holes when I’ve discovered something new. Early on in my kpop journey, I found Amber’s solo projects and was absolutely delighted. Royal Pirates broke up pretty much the day I found them, and I’ve been following former bassist James Lee’s fascinating story since then. And YouTube likes to think it knows me well (see my playlists here, here, here, and here) (I also dabble in Spotify), so once upon a time it suggested FYKE, whose lead singer Enik Lin played with Royal Pirates as James Lee was transitioning to keyboard after his accident.

I’ve discovered since then that these artists know each other, hang out together, and support each other’s musical efforts–the silly and the serious. Come see what I’ve discovered about Kpop Once Removed.

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty: First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

It is a common trope throughout storytelling: the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan. American movies in the 80s certainly used this approach a lot, geeky guy takes off his glasses and gets some new clothes and suddenly…hot, hot, hot. Overlooked girl gets her hair cut and styled and tosses her glasses (note the glasses theme here) and suddenly…instant popularity. My ID is Gangnam Beauty takes this idea, but instead of a simple makeover, a young girl completely transforms herself through plastic surgery. Reality creeps in, however, when it becomes clear that surgery cannot immediately transform a timid personality or erase the years of pain experienced. In fact, even beautiful people can get bullied. Read on to discover our first impressions and unfiltered thoughts about My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Continue reading