Mane of Glory Recap #6


Sacrifice is the name of the game this week as our saguek hotties learn that princely love is not as easy as it sounds.  Come join us as we chat this week’s hottest moments as well as what happens when love turns deadly. Continue reading


Mane of Glory Recap #1


It is time for our newest segment to take off!  With all the flowerboy khotties in the current crop of sageuks, it was impossible for us to ignore all the pretty.  Sadly, we are all busy moms and can’t recap everything so this is our compromise.  We will be doing a weekly post we like to call our Mane of Glory Recap where we chat everything sageuk.  Let me clarify, everything shallow sageuk.  This is not going to be one of those odes to ancient politics.  We are going to talk hot guys, sexy moments, and quirky hijinks with pretty much little to no context. Continue reading