BOOK REVIEW: The Kpop Romance Novellas of Jennie Bennett



You know what’s really hard? Finding niche books that scratch the itch for this avid reader. When I ran across Jennie’s books (well before I found her here on the blog!), I was delighted! Continue reading


Kmuse’s Musings: Current Dramas Pros and Cons


I am back to a full drama schedule which is awesome!  For a while there I was worried since I was down from 20 dramas to only 4.  A literal dramaland drought for this kaddict.  In celebration I thought it would be fun to go through all the shows I am watching and do a quick (spoiler free) pros and cons in case you all are trying to find a show to start.  So come join me as we chat some drama! Continue reading

Trailer Pros and Cons: Signal

a13Do you ever get the feeling that people don’t understand how cool something is?  Something that you are totally over the moon about and that the rest of the world is just like “huh”?  If you are reading this and not residing in Asia, then, of course, you do since that means you are a kaddict.  But I have discovered that the same thing can happen within the kdrama community as well.  That moment when you KNOW that this is going to be an amazing show and everyone else gives you the proverbial “look”. Continue reading

A Side of Kpop


A true fangirl loves everything about her chosen obsession.  So if you are obsessed with Kdramas, it is only right that you also obsess equally over Kpop.  At least half of the singers end up in dramas at one time or another and they tend to lead as a gateway to each other.  So in true fangirl fashion, we will also be covering the latest Kpop releases every couple of months.  So join us as we chat about Fall’s greatest MV’s. Continue reading