Throwback Thursday: A Side of Khottie Vampire (Oct 2015)


For this Throwback Thursday we are traveling back to 2015 when Vampires were one of the big trends. Come find out our thoughts on some of the classic Vampire trope dramas and see if they are worth taking a look.

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Throwback Thursday: Thai Lakorn Kiss Me Thrills us With Kisses and Chemistry (September 2015)

Out of all the adaptations of Playful Kiss, there is one that stands above the others. Mostly because the leading man isn’t an emotionless jerk and the leading lady isn’t the dimmest thing to walk the earth. Add on the fact that Aom and Mike D’Angelo have insane chemistry and it creates the best adaptation of this story that you are going to get.

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Throwback Thursday: Top 5 Favorite Stalkers (Sept. 2014)

I have been blogging so long that many of my early pieces for The Crazy Ahjumma blog are nothing but a distant memory. But good drama recommendations are always needed, so I decided to bring back my own version of Throwback Thursday where I will share again some of my early blog posts. Hopefully, they will help you find some great classic gems to check out. This week we chat about our favorite stalkers.

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