The Gang is Reunited in Quiz of God: Reboot 2nd Teaser

God of Quiz: Reboot has pretty much been sucking me in due to my nostalgia of the first few seasons. I guess if that is what is going to get you, viewers, you run with it. The nostalgia theme continues with the 2nd teaser that is full of old and new faces. Continue reading


First Teaser for Ms. Ma: Nemesis

Autumn is a time for relaxing and catching up on a good mystery.  Something about this time of year is just perfect for sitting back and being a couch detective. My fellow fangirls know I am obsessed with Agatha Christie. I even own a The Body in the Library tee shirt. So when a Korean version of an Agatha Christie mystery popped up on the list, of course, I got very excited. After all, it’s combining two of my favorite things kdramas, and Agatha Christie stories.

Continue reading

We have crazy levels of intensity in new Room No. 9 character teasers

You might as well kill me now since there are so many dramas coming up that make me want to tune in and I literally have no clue how I am going to fit everything in. That’s not even including, kids, work, and real life.  I might have to get rid of the kids (Ha!  Just kidding.  I would probably quit my job first if push came to shove.)  Any-who, teaser after teaser of perfect Fall watching fare is being released.  Among them is the revenge soul switching drama Room No. 9. Continue reading