Kmuse’s Book Review (September 21st, 2022)

This week’s book recommendations are full of romance — and one recommendation that is full of murder for those that want something less perky. Come check and see if any of these novels would click your interest.

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Trusting Writer Park Hae Young: A 4-Year Journey

You may have seen or heard (or both!) the love letters Drama Geek and I have written about My Liberation Notes, the phenomenally written and beautifully filmed Park Hae Young drama that aired earlier this year. The complexity of the characters and the influence of their environment on their attitudes couldn’t be dismissed, and we reveled in the cinematic experience.

That experience made me revisit another Park Hae Young classic, My Mister. This post could have had so many other subtitles: Never Break the 4-Episode Rule, Why I Went Back and Watched My Mister 4 Years Later, This Writer Knows What She’s Doing, and many more. I wrote My Mister off four years ago, because after 2 episodes, I concluded it was a drama about two sad people and all the bad people doing selfish things to those sad people. I was right, but I was also wrong. Come see why My Liberation Notes made me trust writer Park Hae Young, and whether revisiting My Mister was one of the better uses of my time this year. 

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Drama Geek’s Summer Romance Recommendations

When we were young, summer was a time to be lazy, and have way more hours to ride our bikes, and swim in the pond, or just swing on the tire swing. Yeah, I’m dating myself! Now it’s a brief time when I can stop worrying about the school emails and driving the kids everywhere and just relax into a good romantic drama. Thankfully, dramaland has followed through on bringing me the romance that I’ve been longing. Here are the top 5 romance dramas that I’m watching right now, and why you might want to check them out. They are in no particular order.

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