Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sing Me a Song

Spring in Korea brings out all the ballads. Anyone who knows my tastes knows that ballads are an automatic “no” from me unless it has a certain je ne sais quoi. K-fans, for you I have dug through all the ballads cluttering up my YouTube suggestions to bring you these gems. Read on to see if I dug deep enough!

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A Fangirl Gets Her Groove On with K-Kardio

I LOVE to dance! Usually, my Saturday mornings are spent at my local K-pop dance class, where we learn the latest chorus choreography from freshly released K-pop music videos. But as our city is currently sheltering-in-place, classes have been put on hold. So what’s a girl to do when she’s just gotta dance?! Well, come check out the awesome YouTube channel, K-Kardio, with me and see how you can get your groove on too!

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A Fangirl Learns Korean with BTS

안녕하세요? Hello, fellow Kdrama and Kpop fans! Has the Covid-19 sheltering got you down? Are you bored? Are you looking for ways to distract yourself and perhaps broaden your horizons? Maybe you’re thinking to yourself- “Now I finally have time to learn a bit of Korean!” Well, luckily for us, BTS has launched a new video series to do just that! Will these new Korean lessons help us in our Kdrama binges and Kpop bias stalking?! Join me as I check them, out!

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