Legend of Fuyao Chatty Recap (Episodes 17-24)

We are so excited to chat about this week’s events!  Legend of Fuyao continues to leave us thrilled and in awe by mixing great storytelling and dynamic actors.  And most importantly, our flirty king WuJi was often shirtless!  Let’s hear it for the important things in life. Continue reading


Kaddict Problems: New Teaser Overload

I have barely survived this last batch of dramas with my sanity intact.  Especially considering that my current schedule includes two Chinese dramas that air 6 to 8 episodes a week.  So what am I to do when a whole new batch of teasers are released?  I don’t even have time to give them each an individual blog post, let alone watch the dramas they are promoting.  Which means it is time for some tough love.  So join me as I sift through the upcoming shows and rank the best to worst…at least via their teasers. Continue reading

Are You Human Too, Episodes 6-8 Recap

See what I get for assuming what the drama schedule will be and how I could match up irregular episodes? I thought we’d have one this week and we get two! And they are good ones. We finally find out about the motivations of Chairman Nam and Secretary Ji, someone new finds out about the robot, and the robot himself gets a paradigm shift. Note that there will be SPOILERS for these three episodes.

Continue reading