Her Private Life Episodes 7-8: A Chatty Recap

There was plenty of cute and sexy this week, but was any of it real? It’s hard to complain when we got tons of kisses and a very hot blindfold scene. Okay, maybe we can complain a little bit. Some of our least favorite tropes trampled on our fangirl parade this week, let’s see if they managed to dampen our excitement.

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Fangirl Cdrama Review: Mystic Whispers

This fangirl is a full-time student, so it’s been months since I’ve had time to sit down and troll the waters looking for something new to watch “just because”. Since my summer break is just a few days away and I’ve turned in all my anxiety provoking projects, it’s time to clear out my backlog of dramas and see what catches my eye. As I was scrolling through Netflix, I stumbled upon Mystic Whispers. Join me as I see if this Chinese ghost story is something we should all be watching.

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A Fangirl Goes To MBC World

I miss Korea.  Some days, I feel absolutely homesick for my Korean chingu and the Land of the Morning Calm.  I have so many great memories from my time there – from living as an ex-pat, to playing tourist in my adopted home country.  I was sitting here going through pics of my final month in Korea and I came across my ‘bucket list’ trip to MBC World.  This is a definite MUST visit for the Kdrama/Kpop Fangirl!  Read on as I reminisce and share my day at this Broadcasting Theme Park! 

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I Hate You Juliet: First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

Y’know, I make the mistake every once in a while of thinking that I’m a seasoned drama watcher, now that I’m two years into the journey. And then I get proven wrong.

Such is the case with I Hate You Juliet, a webtoon-turned-webdrama by the good folks at Oksusu. How could I resist, when it stars Lee Hong Gi, Jung Hye Sung, and Choi Woong? Read on to see what Kdrama Jen, MiataMama, and I (Karie the Maknae) think about this mind-reading opposites-might-attract drama.

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Jang Ki Yong is Back in Character Teasers for Noona Romance– Search: WWW

Kill It finishes this week–which means it is about time to start fangirling over Jang Ki Yong’s next drama. Yes, this boy is being very prolific in his filming this last year. For those of you who were hoping his next project would be romance, your wishes are about to be answered. Come check the character teasers for Search: WWW and see if this Noona romance will be your next drama addiction.

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