Mane of Glory #20: Arthdal Chronicles Ep 7&8

Move over Tagon, your “son” is going to rule the world, not you, and he’s going to do it in STYLE! Kmuse is on vacation this week, so excuse me if this is not as in depth as the rest of the Mane of Glory posts have been.

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 23 & 24

Our Kmuse is on vacation this week so I’ll be filling you in on all four episodes. While she’s enjoying some much-needed downtime, I’m over here with all the questions! The secret is out, but can Yeon Seo handle that Angel Dan is an angel? What about our scheming Kang Woo? Will he toss Angel Dan under the bus in order to have Yeon Seo for himself? Can Angel Dan and Yeon Seo be together and no one dissapate or die?

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