Japanese Drama: Heaven and Hell Soul Exchange

This new Japanese drama on Viki is a body swap story, but if you’ve seen “body swap” before and think you know what to expect – surprise! Heaven and Hell Soul Exchange has only a few hijinks, and the rest is a recipe for immediate disaster and is very unexpected.

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts on the Cdrama Love Between Fairy and Devil

The xianxia tale Love Between Fairy and Devil is scorching its way to the top of iQIYI’s viewing charts! This is a good thing, because Esther Yu and Dylan Wang have complex, demanding roles, and they’re handling them adeptly and deserved to be honored for their performance. Come see why this Chinese drama has me hooked, and why I think you should be watching it too.

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Trusting Writer Park Hae Young: A 4-Year Journey

You may have seen or heard (or both!) the love letters Drama Geek and I have written about My Liberation Notes, the phenomenally written and beautifully filmed Park Hae Young drama that aired earlier this year. The complexity of the characters and the influence of their environment on their attitudes couldn’t be dismissed, and we reveled in the cinematic experience.

That experience made me revisit another Park Hae Young classic, My Mister. This post could have had so many other subtitles: Never Break the 4-Episode Rule, Why I Went Back and Watched My Mister 4 Years Later, This Writer Knows What She’s Doing, and many more. I wrote My Mister off four years ago, because after 2 episodes, I concluded it was a drama about two sad people and all the bad people doing selfish things to those sad people. I was right, but I was also wrong. Come see why My Liberation Notes made me trust writer Park Hae Young, and whether revisiting My Mister was one of the better uses of my time this year. 

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