The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 9 Recap

Some of the truth came out this week.  But as usual, every time we get some answers, Moo Young manages to look sketchy as all get out.  Come join me as I chat sketchy behavior and toxic relationship choices. Continue reading


Discovering Day6 101: A Primer

Looking for something to help alleviate my post concert depression after seeing BTS two times this tour, I splurged on Day6 Tickets. The only problem? I am the newbiest of newbies when it comes to Day6. I know “Shoot Me” and I think I can pick out Jae, but I can’t properly fangirl without some help from an expert. So, I turned to @Dramadebussie, also known as half of the podcasting duo Drama Kandy. She graciously agreed to join me for this interview/tutorial. So, please join me as I interrogate, I mean “interview,” Drama Debussie.

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