Top 8 MVs: The Lovely Ladies of K-Pop

My fellow fans, it has come to my attention that I have been very remiss in giving the ladies of K-Pop some much deserved love. There are plenty of popular girl groups and soloists taking center stage this year! But what about all the amazing talent that may not have reached your weekly headlines?? I love highlighting artists that aren’t always heavily promoted — there is an abundance of amazing talent and great music out there. Come check out this selection of favorites with me!! 

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5 Years of DWASOK: Kpop Edition

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary this week! I can’t believe that we have all been kbesties and blogging together for so many years. To celebrate, we will have five days of posts reflecting over our favorites shows, couples, kpop, etc. over the last five years. We are also going to have an awesome giveaway, so join us as we start with our favorite Kpop. Hint… there is going to be a lot of BTS!

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14 Days of KPOP: Breaking Up is Hard to Do!


It’s time to break out the tissues, roll up the posters, and put away the lightstick.  What do you do when your Kpop group breaks up?  When 2NE1 broke up it was a big deal at my house. We went through crying, wailing, disbelief, and hours spent asking “They will get back together again someday, right?” My daughter won’t even listen to “Goodbye” because she refuses to believe it’s true.  So let’s talk about breakups and the stages of grief in a Kpop fan.  Continue reading