Mr Sunshine returns with more stunning teasers

With only 6 weeks until its premier, Mr Sunshine is bringing out the big guns (literally) in its next series of teasers. Continue reading

Ruler Master of The Mask Releases OTP Focused 4th Teaser


I am so excited for upcoming drama Ruler: Master of the Mask.  You literally could not have filled it with better sageuk actors.  Both Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho are sageuk veterans, having acted in some of the biggest historical dramas practically from birth…. OK, maybe 6ish or so …. but it is close to birth.  Thankfully, these teasers do not disappoint and you can tell from the latest that they will have oodles of chemistry. Continue reading

Feeling The Pull of Second Lead Syndrome in New Teaser for Moonlight Drawn in Clouds


Don’t get me wrong, there is no way I am going to ditch over Park Bo Gum for a true case of Second Lead Syndrome.  But Jung Jin Young is just so pretty.  JJY has been an idol actor I have always enjoyed watching ever since She Is Wow (he was the only good part of that drama) so I am really excited to see him in a Sageuk.  And so far he doesn’t disappoint in this 4th teaser (a whole minutes worth…SQUEEEE!) for Moonlight Drawn in Clouds. Continue reading