First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts – My Holo Love

I’m here! Yes, I know I’m a little late, but I’m super excited to have started Kdrama-land’s newest addition to the A.I. romance genre. My Holo Love, a Netflix production, recently dropped all 12 episodes for drama watchers to binge on immediately. A new show and no waiting – how did we get so lucky?! Even though a few of my fellow Kbesties have already finished drama, I have successfully dodged all the spoilers. Will I be jumping on the binge-watch bandwagon? Come find out!

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Back to School: Saying Goodbye to My Summer Drama Marathon

It’s August, and for me, that means it’s Back to School time. I’m a full-time student and a mom, so I’m currently caught up in finding obscure sizes of paper and lamenting the end of my free time when school starts next week. Every school year starts with the same question: What did you do over the summer? Let’s talk about what I watched this summer and what fell by the wayside. Continue reading

Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 15-16

Since this is nearly the end of the drama, we are expecting a lot of trouble for our characters and in fact, there’s not much cuteness. Human Shin is furious that he has been replaced by a robot, and that most people like the robot better. He sets out to prove that Shin III is nothing but a machine that can be controlled. We just didn’t think that half of our time would be spent on the rooftop. SPOILERS are coming up.

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Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 11-12

Can a human truly care for a robot more than for another human? Can a robot truly understand and feel human emotions? If that were to happen if androids could be that advanced and were designed to learn on their own, how would that look? The writer and staff of Are You Human Too have been thinking that over. Come see if you agree with their ideas. Be aware that there will be SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Are You Human Too, Episodes 6-8 Recap

See what I get for assuming what the drama schedule will be and how I could match up irregular episodes? I thought we’d have one this week and we get two! And they are good ones. We finally find out about the motivations of Chairman Nam and Secretary Ji, someone new finds out about the robot, and the robot himself gets a paradigm shift. Note that there will be SPOILERS for these three episodes.

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Are You Human Too? Ep 1-3 Recap

We don’t have many science fiction Korean dramas and when one comes up, I’m always interested to see how they will handle it. This drama is already throwing us a lot of questions. Can machines have emotions? Can we trust their decisions? Can they be treated the same as humans? Having enjoyed I’m Not a Robot and being a long-time fan of Data and R. Daneel Olivaw, you can imagine that I will be on the side of the robot!

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