Top 5 Kpop MVs: Only On YouTube

The music world as I know it has been vastly upgraded with the existence of Spotify and iTunes. I can stream SO MUCH MUSIC and take my albums with me wherever I go. On the other hand, kpop is nothing if not prolific, with solo projects and covers alllllll over the place. Thanks to the intricacies of licensing, not all of my favorite music is available on my favorite streaming sites, so I have to turn to YouTube. Come see which videos I watch over and over again because I can’t get that sweet sound anywhere else!

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14 Days of Kpop: Fangirl Stalking the BIGBANG Edition

Well, hello there. I’m sorta new here and also sorta not. A few of you may recognize me, but most probably won’t. My name is Dongsaeng and it’s been a while since my days back at The Crazy Ahjummas. I’m grateful to Kmuse and the other Fangirls for giving me a chance to crash their KPop party though here on Dramas with a Side of Kimchi and fangirl over my favorite group. Continue reading