4 dramas to watch on blustery fall evenings

Those of you who follow the podcast know that I am a huge fan of fall. And the second the fall vibes roll in, I start watching mystery/suspense TV chock full of serial killers, murder, and angst. I am an equal opportunity watcher and will watch anything (from any country) that gives me that murder mystery feel, but this list will specifically be some of my recent favorites from South Korea.

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Kmuse’s Musings: Going Back to School Kdrama Style

It’s fall!  The weather cools down, everything is flavored with pumpkin spice, and the kids go back to school.  There are a few times I envy my kids and their fun school shenanigans.  And whenever this happens I dive into the drama vault and rewatch some of my favorite school-themed dramas.  Because what is better than actually being in school?  Watching Seo In Guk being awkwardly sexy in school, of course.  Continue reading