Top Kpop MVs: Halloween Style

Halloween is one of my most FAVORITE holidays ever, and I love that the kpop world gets into it too. For today’s post, I have a mix of my favorite Halloween MVs, my favorite artists, and some new Halloween songs that are right up my alley. Check it out!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Only On YouTube

The music world as I know it has been vastly upgraded with the existence of Spotify and iTunes. I can stream SO MUCH MUSIC and take my albums with me wherever I go. On the other hand, kpop is nothing if not prolific, with solo projects and covers alllllll over the place. Thanks to the intricacies of licensing, not all of my favorite music is available on my favorite streaming sites, so I have to turn to YouTube. Come see which videos I watch over and over again because I can’t get that sweet sound anywhere else!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Hanging On to Summer

First off, let me start by saying WATCH THE ATEEZ BONUS TRACK!! I generally like to have a theme for these posts, but sometimes something incredible comes out and I *have* to share it. And trust me — the MV for “Thanxx” had to be shared!

As for the rest of these songs, let them take you on a haunting, nostalgic journey through the rest of summer. It’s the perfect fit for a season like this, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Check them out!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: ONEWE Does All the Covers! Except One

I love the concept of bands covering other bands’ songs. When done well, covers can be a tribute to the talents of the original band, and yet still leaves room for the band doing the covering to show off their own particular talents. 

After falling down a ONEWE rabbit hole the other day, I found several covers they’ve done that I love! Come see if ONEWE is good at honoring the work of the artists before them, and good at putting their own spin on things. You probably already know what I think….

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