Top 5 Kpop MVs — Songs of Longing


I have to admit there are a LOT of kpop songs that evoke a certain feeling in me of stretching out to reach someone or something — and they aren’t all from OSTs (just most of them). Come chat Kpop Songs of Longing with me!

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Post Ticket Sale Depression: How to Escape from Kpop Fan Purgatory

You did everything you were told to do by the K-pop concert gurus. You upgraded to the blazing fast WiFi package. You set up multiple devices with multiple tabs open on each, except for that one site that will kick you off if you have more than one tab open. You registered on the sites ahead of time. You even found a credit card with enough room on it for those coveted P1 tickets! Finally, you gathered all of your friends and logged into the ticket sites at least an hour in advance. Continue reading