The Eternal Love Season Two: Episode 5-8 (A Positive Recap)

What to do when the woman you love is falling for another man? Well…. if that other man is the past version of yourself, you should probably just get out of the way and let the past play out. That’s what most people would do, but Lian Cheng is just so infatuated with his beloved that he can’t keep his hands (or mouth) off her. Continue reading


7 Reasons to Check Out My New Crack Drama “Chronicle Of Life”

3s.jpgSqueee!  New Cracktastic drama alert.  Yes, I know you all get a lot of these, but I have to spread the drama love.  How else am I to build a viewer base who understands all my Hottie Eunuch references?  Not to mention my many comments on how the emperor makes me swoon.  So join me as I give you seven reasons to start watching “Chronicle Of Life and join me in my drama addiction.    Continue reading