The Fiery Priest Releases New Character Teasers

Kim Nam Gil is back in Dramaland and I can already feel the quirkiness of his character coming through the teasers. Check out the latest character teasers and join us when we beginning recapping this drama come February.

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We have crazy levels of intensity in new Room No. 9 character teasers

You might as well kill me now since there are so many dramas coming up that make me want to tune in and I literally have no clue how I am going to fit everything in. That’s not even including, kids, work, and real life.  I might have to get rid of the kids (Ha!  Just kidding.  I would probably quit my job first if push came to shove.)  Any-who, teaser after teaser of perfect Fall watching fare is being released.  Among them is the revenge soul switching drama Room No. 9. Continue reading

Hand: The Guest & The Player release new teasers and begin OCN’s new two drama a week schedule!

So many drama choices are getting ready to start.  Which means a plethora of teasers are coming our way.  Today OCN dropped character teasers for both its upcoming dramas.  Which do you find more intriguing?  The creepy exorcism vibes of Hand: The Guest or the stylish greed concept of The Player?  Come check out the teasers and find out which one might be your next favorite drama. Continue reading

I’m Not A Robot releases three love filled character teasers

Please don’t suck.  Please don’t suck.  Please don’t suck.  This is my ongoing mantra as I prepare myself for another Yoo Seung Ho drama.  It isn’t that his three dramas post military service have totally sucked….they just haven’t been as good as some of his pre military work.  I still am waiting to be wowed.  Not to mention, I could really use a little less crying on his part.  There was SO much crying on his last film that my quota of his tears is used up at least until 2020.  Thankfully, this one looks like it might be a bit more comedy and a lot less melo. Continue reading

Bad Guy 2 Character Teasers Leave a Lot to Be Desired

When Bad Guys 2 was announced I was ecstatic. I loved the 1st season and was excited to find out what happens to the prisoners turned crime consultants. Then it was announced that the drama would star a different cast. Which, I will admit, dimmed my excitement. I was again saddened when Kim Ha Neul had to step down from the lead role due to his military enlistment. But then they cast Ji Soo. YAY! I love Ji Soo and there is pretty much no drama genre that I won’t at least attempt to watch for him. So here we are four months later viewing the character teasers. Sadly, I am greatly underwhelmed. Continue reading