Her Private Life Episodes 11-12: A Chatty Recap

A big reveal everyone saw coming happens at the end of these two episodes, which were also full of tons of OTP moments that felt like we were just watching Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook dating, instead of acting. Is it a deep plot full of intensely layered characters? Nope, but it still has some of The Fangirls swooning.

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Her Private Life Episodes 1-2: A Chatty Recap

The Fangirls have been super quiet as a group. We’ve all been watching dramas, but rarely all the same one. We did find one that we did a group first impression, but it just didn’t land in our schedules at the right time for a group recap. We were all starting to despair that nothing would come along, but then Sung Duk Mi swooped into our lives, proper fangirl gear in hand, and we all knew we had the right drama. Join us as we try to keep up with the most talented fan to grace the screen as we recap Her Private Life.

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