Don’t Leave the Maknae Unattended: Love O2O

When we were migrating the blog over to the new platform a while back, I kept seeing the posts on Love O2O show up. I didn’t read them because my maknae self said, “Holy CRAP, Chinese dramas are LONG.”

HA. Then I watched Legend of Fu Yao and I realized that 30 episodes was NOTHING.

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A Spooky Movie Review: Vampire Cleanup Department

OK, before you think we went totally crazy in our choice of movie review, I would like to come clean that this was a recommendation from my Chinese and Japanese drama discussion group.  Who in their right mind would look at the title and think, “Wow, this is going to be a great movie”?  That said, this was a really fun movie!  So come join Clkytta and I as we chat all things Vampire Cleanup Department. Continue reading