Believer (Movie) Trailer

This movie wasn’t on my radar until Ryu Jun Yeol posted the trailer on his Instagram.  The synopsis is pretty straight forward: Teacher Lee is the boss of the biggest drug ring in South Korea. To catch him, Detective Won-Ho (Cho Jin Woong) works with a member of his drug ring, Rak (Ryu Jun Yeol). Continue reading

Signal Episode 8-Good Guys 1, Bad Guys ZERO-for now.

Man, I love when cops are smart and our Cold Case Team proves they don’t really need that magic walkie talkie to solve crime. They also prove they aren’t afraid of the crooked higher ups. Let’s just hope it sticks when things get slippery after they start working together to solve Jae-han’s cold case. Because our team is going to band together to save him, right?

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Signal Episode 4 – Sometimes a magical walkie isn’t enough

It’s hard when even magic time devices can’t solve your problems, something Sun Woo from one of my favorite time bending dramas, Nine: Nine Times Travel, would probably readily tell our heroes. Buckle your seat belts with this one. We have a serial killer or two on the loose and everyone is trying their damnedest to catch them in 1989 or 2015, whichever one pans out first. But along the way we will shed a few tears. Okay, maybe buckets of them, because if there’s one thing our detective from the past can do, it’s cry. And maybe have me bawling along with him.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 19.11.11 (1)

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Signal Episode 1 : Killing it Like A Boss

b20It’s finally here!  Signal has finally premiered and you all can stop hearing me promote the heck out of it.  Instead, you can start reading my recaps because I am a fangirl in love.  And while I do adore all the actors participating in this drama (Lee Je Hoon makes me swoon) it is actually the writing that has my heartbeat increasing …. and not just because of the intense suspense that is going on. Continue reading