The Fangirl’s Movie Review: The Witch Part 1: The Subversion

Are you looking for a suspenseful movie that stars a talented new actress and Choi Woo Shik with amazing hair? Then look no further than The Witch Part 1. Come find out what we felt about the movie and if this is your next must see film.

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Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite kdrama Actors of 2015


Slowly (too slowly) we are making our way through the “End of Year” lists.  I always say I am going to be totally on top of it and finish before January 1st.  But here we are only on my favorite actors with several more lists yet to come.  But what is a kaddict to do when you have a topic with so many award winning performances?  Just keep on blogging of course.  Even if that means that it goes a little bit into 2016. Because it would be tragic to leave even one khottie stranded without my seal of approval.   Tragic I tell you. Continue reading