Fangirl’s Companion Guide to Tribes & Empires (Episode 7-12)

We are back and ready to delve into all things Tribes and Empires.  OK, maybe not all things, since this is just a helpful overview for those viewers who need a cheat sheet.  But it gives us our weekly need to chat our current drama addiction so I am counting it.  So get ready to see what happens in episodes 7 through 12.

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Fan Girl’s Companion Guide to Tribes and Empires (Episodes 1-6)

Are you having trouble keeping track of all the characters and political shenanigans in Tribes and Empires? Well, the fan girls have got your back! We are creating this T and E Companion Guide to help you keep track of everyone. It will be kind of bare bones for a bit because we are writing as we watch, but by the end of the 70 plus episodes, we should have a guide that will help anyone watching this later navigate the chaos. So… sit back and let us help you figure out the difference between Grassland Hottie, Muru Warrior, and Faerie Prince, and how the world is going to fall apart because of them and their fate.

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