4 Reasons to Watch You Are My Hero

Need a compelling Chinese drama to watch? Want it to be equal parts dramatic and funny? Need a male lead who looks INCREDIBLE in aviator sunglasses and a relatable female lead who’s scared of heights? Oh boy, then do I have the drama for you! Come check out my four reasons that you NEED to watch You Are My Hero.

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Fangirl Stalking – Song Joong Ki

SJK 10.jpgAsk and you will receive!  We had a request to start writing actor bios covering various star’s filmography  and whether the shows are worth watching.  I especially like this kind of thing so am happy to be writing our first article in our new segment “Fangirl Stalking” starring everyone’s golden boy Song Joong Ki.  If there are specific actors you are interested in having us cover, be sure to give us a shout out in the comments.  Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Turns on the Sex Appeal in New Trailer for “Descendants of the Sun”

2.pngI have been impatiently waiting to get home all day so I can put up a quick post for the new 50-second trailer for upcoming drama Descendants of the Sun.  If you have not heard about this drama yet, you must be new to kaddiction or living somewhere without the internet (although I am sure you could get the news of Song Joong Ki’s return via Telegraph, Morse Code, Carrier Pigeon, the information options are endless.)  In other words, this comeback is one of the epic comebacks of 2016 and possibly, the whole decade. Continue reading