Podcast #227 – Battle of the Tropes: Time Travel vs Reincarnation

If you have watched any current airing dramas, you will notice they all have something in common. Time travel and reincarnation tropes are everywhere right now and we feel that this phenomenon needs to be discussed.. But which is the better way to move a story’s plot forward? Come find out what we think, and which dramas with these tropes are worth watching.

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Throwback Thursday: The Fangirls Demand a Perfect Happy Ever After (Feb 2019)

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You would think that it would be easy to pick a bunch of dramas that had that perfect ending. The one where you said to yourself, “That couple is going to be together forever.” Surprisingly, that isn’t as easy as you think it would be. But no worries! The Fangirls are here to give you some swoony drama recommendations that will help you choose your next drama (Originally posted Feb 2019)

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