New Posters and 1st Teaser for Upcoming Teen Suspense Solomon’s Perjury

a4Now this drama looks wonderfully dark and suspenseful.  At least if the teaser and posters have any truth to them.  A remake of a popular Japanese movie by the same name, Solomon’s Perjury, takes a look into the gritty world of a high school where a student was murdered. Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Ep 1- Do You Remember That Time………

a30Awe, the days of yesteryear (or 28 yesteryears to be exact).  Its time to travel back to 1988 for the newest drama in the “Answer Me” series.  You might be asking yourself (at least those of you who have been following me for years) “Kmuse, didn’t you vow never to watch another “Answer Me” drama again?”  And while I do admit that was my feelings three years ago, I have since forgotten a lot of my anger.  It turns out that Answer Me dramas are a lot like childbirth.  Your memory tends to forget the pain after a while.  So come join me on this new recapping adventure for a new blog.  If nothing else, we are in for an emotionally charged time.
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