A Side of Kdrama Gossip #6


Its that time again where The Fangirls weigh in on the latest kdrama gossip.  Who is in new dramas? What do we think about teasers and stills?  Come find out as we get our gossip on!

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The Fangirl’s Musings: Weird OTP Pairings They’re a Comin’

5.pngIt can’t be just me that thinks some of the recently announced drama pairings are just a bit…….. off?  I don’t even know what word to attribute to how I feel about them.  I don’t all out hate them, but ever single one makes me raise my eyebrows and go “WHAT?  REALLY?”  So in order to share my confusion, I dragged my co-bloggers in to discuss what we feel about all our upcoming OTPs (One True Pairings). Continue reading