Life on Mars Episode 13 Recap

You would think that after catching the Cop Serial Killer our group would be able to relax. But there is no sleeping in Tae Joo’s coma-induced past. We have a new murder and a suspect that hits very close to home for Tae Joo. Come join me as I discuss all the murderous events of episode 13. Continue reading


One More Happy Ending Episode 13 – How you have failed me, let me count the ways.

s21I think I am going to have to call it on this drama.  I have been making excuses for mediocre writing for a few weeks now, but the ending scene was just the final blow that killed my interest.  I will continue watching and hoping that it is bearable, but with only one week to go, I doubt it will be able to come back from the metaphorical grave that is my interest. Continue reading