Doom At Your Service Recap: Episode 14

Stuff happens this episode! And while much of it is a bit sad in nature, it was really great to feel something for our OTP and their trials again. So come join me as I chat about all the life-changing moments that happened in this episode, as well as a few that were thrown in just to make the episode long enough.

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Shopping King Louie Episode 14 – It’s all fun and games til someone gets abducted.

a2We had an hour of filler this week. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of that in the last three episodes, now that the plot is wrapping up.  But when characters (and I do mean all the characters) are so likable, it is hard to really be mad about it.  So come join me as I discuss incompetent bad guys, cute male rivalries, and enough happy feels to gag a unicorn. Continue reading