Do You Like Brahms? Episode 3 Recap

Our OTP continues to grow closer despite all of the drama happening around them. How can such a sweet couple have so many problem people in their friend orbit? Let’s find out as we chat episode 3.

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 3 Recap

We’re back with a ton of new thoughts on The Secret Behind Your Eyes. I will do my best to share them with you all but I have to admit I was having problems focusing on anything other than Seo In Guk’s spectacular guyliner. Between that and the infamous white tank top that he sported for multiple scenes, it is a miracle I even remember that there is supposed to be a plot beyond him looking mighty fine. Plot? What plot? Continue reading

Shopping King Louie Episode 3 – The Shopping King Rides Again


Life is hard when you don’t know how to navigate the real world.  Just ask our OTP (one true pairing) who must be one of the oddest couples out there when it comes to life experiences.  They come from two very different sheltered backgrounds where big city living was just a pipe dream.  Now they must learn to live like the rest of the world and thankfully they are super cute while doing it. Continue reading