Life On Mars Episode 9 Recap

While we slowed the Tae Joo’s family angst down a tad, our cop team must come together and fight corruption inside. All while maintaining their snarky comradery. I have faith that if any group of people can remain obstinate during the hard times it is these guys. Continue reading

W Two Worlds Episode 9 – Two Worlds, One Face, and a Whole Lot of Crappy Writer’s Karma.

IMG_7548[1]Holy Batman, people. I think I need a moment. Or maybe a hundred to recover from that ending. This episode is all about reminding us of what Yeon Joo had and what she lost. In my drama watching career I’ve seen a lot of resets. Some due to amnesia, some to a tricky thing called time travel. They’re almost always painful because the world never seems to be kind about them. One person is left in the know. And if you know what was, but no one else does, it can make you not only sad but leaves you feeling extremely isolated. Thankfully, Yeon Joo has Soo Bong, but I’m not sure he’s enough to help her through this. And just like our tricky friend time travel, it appears that manhwa travel can be just as relentless. Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 9 -A Nonsensical Recap

g5.pngWhat the fudge did I just watch?  I was frustrated with many of the choppy editing moments from last week.  But after a few rewinds, I was at least able to make sense of a sub-par plot.  But this episode is a whole other level of nonsense mystery.  Why did 90% of this mystery even happen?  It makes no sense whatsoever. So instead of having an actual six-point recap of episode 9, I am going to just ramble randomly about my confusion and frustration.  Because this was just dumb. Continue reading