5 Reasons to Check Out Chinese Drama The Story of Ming Lan

What do you get when you take the awesome actress from Shan Shan Comes to Eat, pair her with her real-life husband, throw in some smart and savvy, and stir in the inner-workings of a minor official’s home?  You get the story of Ming Lan! Kdrama Jen has been begging the fangirls to watch with her. Read on to see if her 5 Reasons to Watch will convince you!

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Official Posters, Stills, & 1st Trailer for Upcoming Chinese Drama “Ice Fantasy”


I started watching Chinese dramas only 18 mths ago so am still really new to the ins and outs, including the various actors.  So I just vaguely know who most of these actors are.  However, I am a sucker for shiny and pretty production so thought I would share this with everyone else that needs a dose of pretty today.  I also plan on watching since I am a sucker for sci-fi romance dramas. Continue reading